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There isn’t really a lot to say about this one. I think she is special. There are many fables and poems written about her, I’m quite sure.  Available through  Art Harbor Gallery  The Watcher On White Island Watercolor/Gold/Ink By Rachel Jones we can always do with a little bit of  HOPE
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 Next week will be the first in person workshop I will have taught in over a year. It will be great to be in a room full of fellow painters moving paint around and discussing all things new. The theme will be “Approaching the Narrative”. Sharing our story can be enjoyable for ourselves and those who view our art. If you are interested in joining (social distancing is expected) contact Waterway Art Association  . In other news.... During my enjoyable watercolor whirlwind, I neglected to finish some oil paintings I began. With a renewed vigor, I was not only able to finish some (there are still others staring at me from various corners) but also start a new one I had in mind for some time. The final push came from the new   Alice Neel exhibition. Sadly, I will not be able to make that journey in person. But my old Neel books have been dusted off and just observing her directness is inspirational. I would highly recommend anyone who has the chance to see the exhibition to do so.  Below ar
 Introducing... Am I Your Favorite Song?  Contact  Art Harbor  for details.  Am I Your Favorite Song by Rachel Jones  (mixed media on arches) SOLD
 I believe this may be Blog Post #200!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Yay! And thanks for visiting.  I’ve been working on the piece below. Though often my work is figurative, sometimes I dabble in a still life or at least my version of. This is officially a nursing chair, but for me - my reading chair. And it takes me places. It is 36 inches X 36 inches on canvas. I’ve used oils and this week I’ve concentrated on glazes to enhance some of the colors. Glazing can get very detailed. However, I made a very basic (overly simplified) video on YouTube to give you the gist if it is completely foreign to you. Enjoy.  By Rachel Jones Glazing With Me

A Different App

 A Different Approach Here we are, still doing our part to keep ourselves and others safe. This means even the normally isolated artists are even more so. Live models, workshops, gallery openings... a thing of the past as we knew them. However, all is not lost. There are creative people keeping the creativity alive. I’ll tell you about two that I’ve experienced.  The Virtual Figure The Virtual Figure on ZOOM is hosted by a couple of artist and models in U.K. Each session, they have notable artist such as Henrik Uldalen, Yulia Bas, Agnes Grochulska (to name a few) begin with a demo using the model. Afterwards (and during) you can ask questions of the artist about techniques and career. Then it’s your turn! Models are positioned and you have several ‘short’ poses to paint from. At the same time, if you utilize the “pin” function on ZOOM, you can also watch the Guest Artist paint at the same time! It is a great learning opportunity and an opportunity to p
 So, there has been a lull. But, what has really been normal this year?!!!?! I’ve actually had so much inspiration from podcast, online interviews, online exhibitions, online live painting groups.... My head is full of ideas. Despite the lockdowns and limitations, does anyone else feel as if they have less time.  I was able to finally slow down, unplug, breathe, put on my favorite records, do a little dancing (hooping) and paint this 9” X 12” mixed media piece on Arches rough paper. It was my first time using the rough and I approve. There was a lot going on, but the paper held up. 👌
The power of one's energy. Watercolor, ink, and inspiration. I choose Positivity! I choose the sun and stars and moon and bees and daisies and wine and grass beneath toes and hula hoops and dance and arms stretched out to the sky and arms wrapped around those you love and laughter. I choose to smile.  Watercolor by Racheljonesandart