Friday, August 9, 2019

The Wallflower Watercolor on Arches by Rachel Jones

Sometimes you're the life of the party.
 Sometimes you're the wallflower.
Attend the party and claim your space.

Happy Friday.

available soon

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Watercolor by Rachel Jones

There is always a story behind my paintings. It isn't always overt. In this one I've included all the elements that would make the perfect solitary rainy day walk in amongst the trees for me.
 Are you able to find all the elements suggested? 

available soon.


Available Now 

Oil on Panel
5in X 5in

I Am My History by Rachel Jones

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I must say, I am really enjoying painting in watercolor this summer. I'm not quite sure if it is a reflection of the transparency and brightness of the season or is it in this heatwave the idea of oils and turps is a bit too much. What I am sure about is the pleasure I've had. Painting puts a smile on my face even when it is difficult. However, there is a different dynamic when I'm painting in oil because of the process of achieving realism, classicism and my storytelling. I know if I persist, I'll get it exactly where I want it to be. Oil painting allows time to pass over the canvas, the painter and for the image to evolve and unfurl. For me, watercolor is more about immediacy and (much like a journal) capturing the atmosphere and head space of that particular painting session. That is not to say there is a carelessness... every stroke still matters greatly. But there is definitely the feeling that I could tackle the same image everyday and come up with a completely different painting. (That's an idea- Watercolor 30 days of the same image).
I hope you enjoy what I've been up to also.

Check out the last week of this month's 3/2/1s in SHOP.

The Middle Ground /watercolor/mixed by Rachel Jones

detail of painting by Rachel Jones

I included the shot below because I love how art changes over the day. It really sets a mood depending on the light. (Fickle thy name is art) Each element revealing a different side.
detail of painting by Rachel Jones

In other news:

If you are missing the oils, more dramatic paintings, and small art...
this is currently my display at Studio B. 
Contact Studio B for details. (843) 839-1278

More to come.


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

This feels suprisingly comfortable and refreshing. 
The oils have been packed away (for now). 
Now on to the next pieces along this same vein.

This one is also currently on the SHOP page.

mixed media piece by Rachel Jones
Art on Paper

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Many artists throughout history have very publicly gone through different movements.
Some meticulously worked through realism before venturing into cubism or surrealism or even something without a label. Often they returned to their first love, but sometimes... just sometimes... they discovered their new movement.
So it's no wonder that I've been wandering around a bit on the creative front.
When I first ventured into painting, I did whatever my heart desired. I played- just like a child. And with it came that childish joy that abandons us over time.
When I was old enough to venture into the world and its museums, I discovered the greats. Basically everything The Tate Britain and New York Museums contained. Then I began to see what the   the tri-state area galleries decorated their walls with and how often those very galleries had full page ads and editorials in all the art magazines of Barnes and Noble. I desired to make that stuff that excited me beyond words.  I did my best to capture the reality before me and enjoyed it. I wanted there to be no question what the viewer was seeing. I still love trying to capture reality. But whether it is age, life, the world we live in...I have a desire to make inexplicable marks. Not abstraction, mind you. I love my figures. But there is more to a figure than the bones and flesh... there is an aura and an energy that is just as important in telling the story.
So I've spent the last few weeks finishing up little oil paintings I've had lying around in various stages. Though I was often pleased with the final results, I felt something was amiss. Like a whisper (or sometimes a scream) I could hear it- I just couldn't see it.
So please excuse the artist you know and have come to love as I play around with what may be some hits (and no doubt many misses).
I'm obviously in my mid-life crisis phase. ( Where is my sports car and toupee???!!!!!)

Here is a preview of some of the pieces I finished up before the slight shift (but familiar). They will be available at Studio B this week. More details will follow on Instagram.
If Only Ophelia had a Takashi Murakami bouquet instead by rachel jones

10:15 Saturday Night by rachel jones
 There is a Story about the one below, but I shall save that for another day.
Last Dance by rachel jones

Monday, June 10, 2019

Are you interested in having a personalized piece of artwork or commissioning an original painting  for your home, office, or workspace? These flowing watercolors are created to reflect and mimic human emotions, social norms, and narratives.  Atmosphere, nature, and individual spirit are combined to design dynamic works stimulating conversation and reflection. Archival Arches Paper is used for watercolors. Other works are on canvas or ready to hang wood panels. More details and options available upon request.   - Rachel Jones

Original Artwork by Rachel Jones

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I’m not just an artist. I’m also an art collector. 

There is such joy gazing upon this wall first thing in the morning as the sun comes in with that first cup of coffee before the hustle of the day riddled with technology begins.
And the places it takes me in the evening as we wind down with a glass of wine at night.
Support Artists. 
Their imagination sparks your imagination. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

This was truly a surprise! I walked into the Island Art Gallery REFLECTION show after a really long  day of work. Immediately I was energized by all the kind words, support, and acknowledgement from those in attendance. Recognition isn’t essential to practicing your art, but it surely encourages you when honored by your peers.
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Betrayed With a Kiss

Charcoal on Bristol Paper by Rachel Jones
So... I’m falling in love again with charcoal. I love the immediacy, the texture, the messiness.  Though I’m known for mostly painting females, I adore the structure of the male face But there is always that fear that I cannot do it justice-  especially if it is a male I’m not close to. I know almost every detail of my husband’s topography. So the real challenge was ‘could I paint a man I’ve never met’? I perused a lot of virtual friends until I found this gentleman that not only has an interesting and charismatic face anyway, but also great with lighting and photography.
‘In for a penny, in for a pound ‘ they say... I attempted a double portrait. It is tentatively titled “Betrayed With A Kiss”. Not only are there various aspects of each personality...those personalities are not always friendly to each other.  Sometimes outright enemies, sabotagers, betrayers, manipulators, gaslghters... You get the idea.
Can not wait until I get the courage to tackle this again. Challenge me.
Enjoy and Goodnight.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Ask me some questions......

I had the pleasure of being part of an exhibit curated by Dr. Sarah L. Webb . The exhibit is currently on display until April at CAB Art Gallery  UNCW. The show explores "Colorism". If you are not aware of this term, please look it up. Chances are you've experienced it, witnessed it, propagated it.... Let's be honest - we all have some sort of bias. Often it is due to miseducation, our community, media... So have the conversations. Learn. Grow.
 P.S.   The Cellist hiding in the corner was AMAZING!
Dr. Sarah L. Webb /  (doll art by Stephanie Brown)


CAB Art Gallery at UNCW

Don't Put Me In A Box/Detail of work by Ashley A. Jones  

So the piece I was asked to bring was this one:
Enlightened by Rachel Jones
This is one of my favorite paintings. For me, it isn't a focus on the outside but the inner being.