Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A little story about a recent painting.

Like many painters, I often feel revealing too much about a painting may ruin the illusion and enjoyment for others. After all, our goal is to speak to as many as possible and allow individuals to make a piece their own... permitting a conversation between the two minus the presence of the painter. But many have asked about this piece. Though it would be impossible and unnecessary to tell a complete tale, a snippet of it's evolution is warranted.

REFINE (detail) by Rachel Jones

The title of this work is "REFINE".  Sometimes in the creation process, as with packing a bag, one wants to throw in everything including the sink. You never know what you may need. Therefore, quite literally, we are constantly polishing and reducing components in our work. If I had a space large enough, I would have continued to attach elements until they spilled upon the floor, snaked around throughout and filled a room. Included within the cascade are letters, diary entries, transformed objects from times and people past upwards of 18 years ago that had been hidden away in boxes.

REFINE (detail) by Rachel Jones

In general, change is met with resistance by most humans. Whether abstract or tangible, there are things we refuse to detangle from the fabric of our being. They may have shaped us in some way or are integral parts of who we think we are and the choices we make. The sins of our forefathers, ingrained cultural ideals, self deception, ancient mistakes, a hurtful word, a well worn letter, faded photographs... What would happen if we surrendered the minutest of these?

REFINE by Rachel Jones

I don't feel it is my place to make judgment calls with the things I create. But I don't mind questioning. How does one decide what to hold on to or discard? To what effect? Would it be freeing? Allow a place for something more productive or beautiful to root? Would a part of who we are disappear? Would there be a trickle down effect? Would others be affected? Would it be missed/forgotten?

Maybe one day I'll have a room large enough to continue exploring this.