Monday, April 24, 2017

As a female, I think I'm able to best convey emotion, thought, and narrative with the feminine form.
That is not to say  I am unfamiliar with tackling the male psyche. Admittedly, the male figures in my works are often used sparingly-  not dealt with in any great detail or  only supplemental to the main focal point. The few exceptions are when I paint my husband (but rarely are these seen by the public).
Recently, though, I was commissioned to paint a man. I struggled slightly with how to treat the subject. Should I go completely Gothic or dramatic like much of my work, or go with  a strong sketch or maybe just a simple value painting?... Well I tried a little of it all and below is the final result along with a few progress shots.
Amusingly, the working title for this was "It Takes A Lot to Know A Man". I was listening to a LOT of Damien Rice during the process. It has since found a more appropriate title.

Oil and Acrylic on Panel by Rachel Jones
This is basically a final shot of it takes a lot to know a man. Though the camera  made it out to be a bit more 'rosy' than it truly was, a few glazes (as can be seen below) were what was needed to adjust the tone to one more pleasing (and manly).  

These two shots give a little more detail into the texture, and again, the glazing process.
(detail) by Rachel Jones
(detail) by Rachel Jones

oil and acrylic by Rachel Jones
I began with a grisaille (tonal) under painting.
Deciding that I wanted color, I began to lay in a band which
eventually expanded but still left a lot of the under painting exposed. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

This is a little view of my exhibit Silver Linings at the 2017 ArtFields Art Expo and Competition in Lake City, SC. As we speak, more is being added to this ever growing series. (More details on that to follow.)  Beginning April 21,  there will be an explosion of Art from all over the South East. It is definitely worth the trip. To all those participating and visiting, ENJOY and Wishing All the Best!

Silver Linings
Rachel Jones