Monday, April 24, 2017

As a female, I think I'm able to best convey emotion, thought, and narrative with the feminine form.
That is not to say  I am unfamiliar with tackling the male psyche. Admittedly, the male figures in my works are often used sparingly-  not dealt with in any great detail or  only supplemental to the main focal point. The few exceptions are when I paint my husband (but rarely are these seen by the public).
Recently, though, I was commissioned to paint a man. I struggled slightly with how to treat the subject. Should I go completely Gothic or dramatic like much of my work, or go with  a strong sketch or maybe just a simple value painting?... Well I tried a little of it all and below is the final result along with a few progress shots.
Amusingly, the working title for this was "It Takes A Lot to Know A Man". I was listening to a LOT of Damien Rice during the process. It has since found a more appropriate title.

Oil and Acrylic on Panel by Rachel Jones
This is basically a final shot of it takes a lot to know a man. Though the camera  made it out to be a bit more 'rosy' than it truly was, a few glazes (as can be seen below) were what was needed to adjust the tone to one more pleasing (and manly).  

These two shots give a little more detail into the texture, and again, the glazing process.
(detail) by Rachel Jones
(detail) by Rachel Jones

oil and acrylic by Rachel Jones
I began with a grisaille (tonal) under painting.
Deciding that I wanted color, I began to lay in a band which
eventually expanded but still left a lot of the under painting exposed. 

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