Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rework It Until It Works

At least sometimes that is the solution. (Other times projects just need to be wiped 
out no matter how much it hurts). This is one of those paintings I loved the initial concept
 but it wasn't quite working. As the seasons changed, my perspective and
disposition changed until this emerged. I'm content with it...at the moment anyway. 

On another note....
Below is a pastel piece I was working
on for a recent show. There is a lot more to it
along with another piece. The video to view both
can be found on my Instagram feed.
Link below. 

*If the link doesn't take you directly to the video, simply copy and paste in the search bar.
pastel by Rachel Jones
More to come on this experiment later.


An itty bitty portrait 
I'm still working on.
oil by Rachel Jones


After winning People's Choice for ArtSpace 506 small works show, Winter was chosen to be part of the Spoleto Event in Charleston, SC in City Gallery. She has since found a great new home.

Winter by Rachel Jones