Thursday, November 29, 2012

The mysteries of Photos

It's cold. I decided to stay in and do a bit of organizing and planning so as to have a little direction before painting. I recently completed a showing of funerary monuments for one of the local galleries and really wanted to do something new. The first venture in that was the Coming and Going series (a few post below). As I've been rummaging (and getting more and more distracted) I came across some brilliant photos of my husband's family. Being some of his distant relatives, I have no idea who, where, when, or why. But I'm finding the 'mysteriousness' of it fascinating. Today, I did not quite formulate a plan as to what I wanted to do or finish organizing and filing paperwork, but I think this may have been a very good derailment. Though the task master in me cringes at the thought, I must admit, Procrastination Is Not Always an Enemy! I'm excited at the possibilities. Any ideas?  Enjoy.




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  1. Super cool photos! I like the paddle board/canoeing one :)