Monday, February 11, 2013

Acrylic on Canvas
painting by Rachel Jones
Still working on this one and haven't a title as of yet. I was venturing into knife painting. I kept going back to the brush but still experimented enough with the knives to realize how freeing and spontaneous it was. I shall continue tomorrow and hopefully have better success and stick with it. Everyday is a learning experience and a journey into something new.

I will be extending the February "week" sale into the February "month" sale!


  1. I really like painting with a takes getting used to but it always helps to get a nice and interesting edge in various ways. I just used my knife this evening to make cat whiskers.

    After your nice comment on my last blog post I finally got the chance to check out your blog. I remember your painting with the woman holding the coffee cup...saw it on Trodden Path. Love that painting. Your art is so beautiful and so expressive. I am so impressed you are self-taught. You paint with such great drawing skill. This painting is off to a really good place.

    Have you thought about adding the Follower gadget onto your blog? It makes it easier for other bloggers to follow you.

  2. PS: I liked your Facebook page so I can follow your art that way too. :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I try not to use "I'm self taught" as an excuse, so I'm always trying to learn more and more and especially form artists like yourself. I found a great quote for us both today. I was reading an Old interview of the poet Kenneth Patchen and he said, "...Everytime Paul Klee approached a canvas, it was with a feeling of 'Well, Here I am. I know nothing about painting, Let's learn something, Let's feel something.'" How brilliant. I will look into the Follower gadget. Thanks.