Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 27
Like most painters, I have a few items I am just not happy with. They no longer excite me. I hide them under the bed, behind doors, in dark corners...hoping when I next pull them out they will have somehow transformed into something "acceptable". To date, this has not yet happened. So, I've pulled a few of the offenders out and am trying to "rework" them in either an experimental style that I've been eager/hesitant to try OR in the style of whatever mood I'm in Today. This is one of the results. I tried my hand at graffiti over a painting I had higher hopes for. There may be a shine to the photo since it is still very wet (lots of knife painting) and lots of thick buttery oils.
 It is on canvas and 24" X 18".


  1. I love this painting! You have captured the emotions of the piece in both the figure and her expression, as well as the setting.

  2. Thank you very much, JJ Jacobs. I do not consider myself an abstract painter, but this was quite exciting painting with no real plan for the final look, just throwing paint until it felt right.