Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 9

I'm beginning to find it a little difficult to do little paintings daily. It's not the daily painting, it's the littleness of it or the keeping it simple. I want to do something big. Something so big that it can not be finished within 24 hours, but not so epic that it becomes a life's work.
So I'm changing the rules a little and breaking up the illustrations and acrylics with an oil. I am still painting daily though and shortly going downstairs and work on this a bit more until my heart is content. I  hope I've not offended the purist.

A little street scene in progress from one of my most favorite
places in the world, Dominican Republic.
 Oil on Canvas by Rachel Jones


  1. Very pleasant painting. I am with you...just paint daily. I never join challenges, because then it feels like a chore.

    Can't wait to see this completed, Rachel! Your work is lovely.

  2. I also find it a challenge to paint small every day; although, I have tried to paint more small paintings this year. My heart wants to go big! For me, a smaller painting is often much more difficult.
    So I'm not a purist either. I paint every day. I don't have something new to post every day.
    I am enjoying your work very much, Rachel. I've been attracted to your thumbnails over and over.

  3. Thanks CNelsonKeller. I think I just have to do my own thing too, but I am trying to paint daily as much as possible and mix it up. I love your vibrant colors and was reading your lemon head stories. Brilliant! Let's see what today brings....