Friday, January 17, 2014


My latest....I PLAY OUTSIDE. The weather patterns have created enough drama regardless of where one lives. It keeps some of us indoors, others angry, and even more depressed. I began to think of times of no matter what the did not keep me (or most young ones with less paranoid parents) from playing. We'd come in drenched, muddy, snow in crevices, noses red and runny, breathless but always with a smile on our face. I have a few finishing touches/adjustments, but I'm going outside to play if only for 10 minutes.
I Play Outside
Oil on Canvas
10" X 10"
by Rachel Jones

I Play Outside (detail)


  1. Wow, such a sweet painting Rachel. I love the glowing skin tones and those sweet eyelashes. Precious.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You've been quite busy yourself. I love your characters.