Saturday, September 6, 2014

I did a painting for Friday. I will post it tomorrow. A more important event 'trumped' my humble little painting. A good friend of mine had the fortune of being one of the ladies chosen for the Women Painting Women show at Principle Gallery in Charleston, SC. If you aren't aware of this movement, please Google it. It is truly a marvelous thing.
Below are some photographs from the event.
This is Charleston, SC.

The painting by Nicola Joy Johnson

Nicola signing the WPW wall

....and with fellow talented artist
There are many more photos I would love to add, but would rather you just go and see it for yourself. The paintings were beautiful. I've chosen just a couple below that I'd seen online for some time and was excited to see them up close in all their finery.
Photographs do not do these justice especially the Jennifer Balkan one

Very happy to see this painting by Teresa Oaxaca.
To see this up close was marvelous. I
understand that many of the artist had previous engagements
 but I would have loved to have met more.
So that is how my Friday went and why there isn't a painting post. It is my story and I am sticking to it!

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