Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014
The First Stroke Is the Hardest.

So today is the first day of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge set up by Leslie Saeta.
As soon as I find the link I will post it here.
Like any decent project, One must prepare. So first things first...

I made a cup of tea.

I realized I was still not in the right mood, so I lit incense.

I then sat down to check the weather, and when I turned on the tv, I realized
Perry Mason was on ...the old ones AND it was an episode I hadn't seen
(or did not remember) so I had to watch that.

Then I found my listening material for the day/month which was the
Dostoevsky book on 28 CDs below.

 I picked and watered  the basil.

Afterwards, I glued together a little frame I made for a little painting I wanted to finish.

 I checked on my oil paint for a completely different painting
that has nothing to do with this challenge!
"Hello Oil Paint in There"

 I then found (while looking for something entirely different) my old
Brikka espresso maker and went online to see if I could find
the replacement parts to make it work again. After that I was
desperate for a nap!

But instead... I made another cup of tea.
While drinking tea, I pondered dinner and everything was
frozen or I didn't want to cook it, so I found some
Tofu that needed defrosting so that I could make a quick
stir fry after my exhausting day of painting.

Then I painted something.(FINALLY)
Here is Painting #1. 
It isn't as grand as I was 
expecting due to being worn out by the
time I began. I think I will have to 
rethink my daily routine if I want to
do 30 paintings this month.

The first stroke is always the hardest.

September 1
Acrylic on Canvas
4" X 4'
by Rachel Jones

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