Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014
I've been working on one of my skulls and books paintings. I'm considering adding flowers. This is a largish painting done on wood panel ( 2' X 3'). It is acrylic. I've made a frame already for it and had epoxy-resin on standby, but instead am considering adding a layer of oil color to soften the edges a little and add a little more richness to it. I don't think the epoxy and oil will make a good combination. I'll stare at it a bit more and hopefully make a final decision before the night is out. What I am certain of is there is much more to do and therefore I suppose this may not qualify as an official "Painting a Day" painting, Actually, I'll probably need another few days...BUT... I found time to paint today after working outside the home. Being able to add a stroke here or a glaze there seems to bookend the day quite nicely and I'm happy about that.

WIP skull/book study
by Rachel Jones

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