Thursday, October 2, 2014

 There is a really great Art Community online called The Trodden Path. Even if you aren't an artist, it is a great place to see what people are up to, take an online class, see what inspires other artists, or participate in interesting discussions. The administrator is a brilliant artist herself....Jane. Today, Jane began the discussion 'when did you first take that leap and call yourself an Artist'. Very interesting topic. Below was my response. Join in at

When I realized my life was not complete without it.
I grew up in extremely small town without much culture in the 70's. When every gift I asked for was art related as a child. When I would rather spend my hard earned allowance bribing someone to drive me 3 to 5 hours away to see and exhibit (this was before I could drive) or later (when I finally had a driver's license) I would go to work bleary eyed from having spent the night driving from an art event so as to get to work on time. When I wake up and think CREATE and when I tell every little kid I know create something even if it doesn't pay the bills. When I can spend an evening staring at paintings online or watching paintings being done on YouTube in the wee hours. When a bill is due and I wonder if I can still squeeze a tube of paint or a new brush out of the bill money and pay the remainder of the bill next time. Maybe not rational, but I think I may be an Artist at least in my own mind.
But the first time I remember someone else thinking about me in that way was when I was traveling to another country and the guy looked at my passport and asked, "What is your Profession?" And my husband with the biggest grin, kissed my cheek and said, "She's an Artist". It freaked me out a little, but one of my fondest memories.

Have a beautiful day out there.  Rachel

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