Friday, November 7, 2014

Ophelia Frump

In The Addams Family, Morticia has a sister named Ophelia. She was a blond flower child who had troubles keeping a man. I looked forward to her "guest appearances". Being quite young at the time, it took me a moment to realize it was Carolyn Jones playing both parts. No doubt the character is loosely based on Ophelia from Hamlet. She is quite one dimensional, but oh, how I loved her. Here is my little tribute to Miss Ophelia Frump.     I apologize for a the glare/dark spots. It was still a little wet.

Ophelia BC (before courting)
oil on canvas
by Rachel Jones

So why did I decide to name this painting Ophelia BC instead of Ophelia Frump?
1. Very few people I spoke with were familiar with Ophelia Frump.(including those old enough to      have seen it the first time around)
2. Many thought the "Frump" part of the title was a comment on Ophelia as a person.
3. I grew tired of explaining stuff.
4. It came to me that Hamlet's Ophelia and The Addams Family Ophelia both had issues with their   love life. There must have been a time in their lives where they were entirely blissful before falling head  over heels in love with someone. Since I could not make AD work and there isn't a historical BL (before love) time period to correspond, I went with BC since it appears their last remaining peaceful  times were before they both went a'courtin'. 

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