Friday, January 30, 2015

Though it may appear so, I've Not been idle.
 I've been artfully simmering.
I had a really great idea that I wanted to carry out. The more I thought about the great idea it became a gargantuan idea... Or at least in my mind. It was becoming so grand that I had to take a little time to slice it up and work on little pieces at a time instead of treating it as a whole and becoming overwhelmed. So now I have a very hopeful model (massive part of the plan). I have most of the props. I have a story, though I want it all to evolve as it may once all the players are in the same room. I think I have a space. And what is left is lighting. I'm heading back to my chiaroscuro stage and lighting is key. 
I'll be back in a bit after a bit more planning and a massive amount of painting.
I'm a little excited.

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