Tuesday, August 11, 2015

various watercolors by Rachel Jones
Hello, All.
I've had several request for prints. I understand prints are often far more affordable than an original piece. However, I am still in love with offering one of kind pieces to buyers. I want each collector to have something no one else has. I battled for a bit on how to deal with this. First of all, THANK YOU for admiring my work. Secondly, I'm adding a few Buy It Now  studies and older experiments each day at the top of the Available Works Page or in a Blog Post. They may not be perfect, but therein lies the beauty. Many find these interesting to have as collectors as they own a little piece of the "progression" of the artist. I find these intriguing to look back on and often revisit a style when it aesthetically fits a new project. Finally, I will soon add new smaller versions of larger works and completely new works. These most likely will be acrylic, watercolor, or even oil on paper. I hope to begin adding these as early as next week.  The paintings will appear for a time on their own posting on this blog. I will also add a prompt on Facebook.  On average the price range will be between $30-$60 (US) so that even the youngest collectors are able to purchase an original with their allowance (with maybe a little help from parents). 
If there is a particular larger piece you've had your eye on in the gallery and  would like to commission a more affordable version, please feel free to message me privately and I will see what I can do. I want to offer  quality pieces in this budget friendly range, so please allow time as I get the ball rolling.
I hope this endeavor not only satisfies the request received so far but also  allows even more to have something they can cherish and enjoy.
Thanks again to all for your support thus far.
Rachel Jones

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