Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I mentioned over a week ago that the Fall Art show for the Seacoast Art Guild was about to happen. Well, living in South Carolina, we had a little flood action that brought us to a standstill and cancelled the show. Of course with all the devastation, an art show was the least of our worries. However, we rallied together and had the show a week later.
 I always find the shows exciting because some amazing cutting edge stuff comes out of the woodwork as if they have been hibernating most of the year. This year was no exception. I often use it as an opportunity to do a little experimenting myself, stretching out of my comfort zone. I did a painting of my husband. As mainly a painter of women, I struggled trying not to make him as feminine as my ladies. To leave him with his manly edge. I can not say I mastered it, but I finally got to a place (after much scrubbing) where I thought it was acceptable. It got a Third Place ribbon, so for an early attempt, I'm not complaining.
Unfinished Man/Oil on Panel/by Rachel Jones