Tuesday, December 27, 2016

End of Year Special
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Feel Free To Contact With Questions
by Rachel Jones

NOTE: All works are Original Pieces ( No Prints)
So Only 1 Available of Each.

Deals Good Through Friday.
Happy Shopping.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not letting a little chill in the air
 keep things from blooming in the studio.

Acrylic on Canvas
12" X 12"
by Rachel Jones

Acrylic on Canvas
12" X 12"'
by Rachel Jones

Keep Creating and Stay Cozy, my Friends.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So I don't just paint all day. 
I have a day job.
 I also have a very addictive expensive hobby
 as if spending all of my hard earned money on paints and canvases was not enough :)
Welcome to my world of hooping...and specifically spinning fire.
It's not just for kids.
Meet Wick.


Wick makes this ↓ below possible. 
(This isn't me, but someone who knows what they are doing from moodhoops.com  site)

I'm considering offering a painting for these wicks, 
I desire them so!



OK... Internet break over and back to work.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

ArtSpace 506
ArtSpace 506 had their 3rd Annual Small Works show this past Friday. It is a great hidden little venue that does so much to highlight local artists through various solo exhibitions and through group exhibitions such as the annual Small Works shows. Not to mention the encouraging staff. 

oil and silver leaf on wood panel
by Rachel Jones
It was such an honor to have my painting REGENERATE place 3rd. My painting SECRETS and SEARCHINGS ended up in the final running also. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many fine pieces and people who shared their stories, processes, and encouraging words. 

Now back to the easel!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sometimes it's all about having a little fun! 
Ever since my husband
complained that I neeeeever paint him ( a bit dramatically), I began to 
steal his likeness a bit more, much to his chagrin. He doesn't just 
hand over money for paint supplies but also 
serves as a much needed source of comic relief ... especially when I'm taking
things a bit too seriously or negative about a project.
Here are some progress shots of a recent little endeavor. 
There are still a few adjustments to make but I'm pleased to say,
It is husband approved!

The dreaded ugly stage (female)
by Rachel Jones
the dreaded ugly stage (male)

male detail by Rachel Jones

female detail by Rachel Jones

oil and silver leaf on panel
by Rachel Jones

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I had to go to Charleston, SC for several reasons yesterday. One, being I wanted to see a few of the new exhibitions at several of the galleries. Unfortunately, that did  not happen. So hopefully I will have another opportunity before the exhibits leave.
However, I did see some dear friends, who are making gorgeous high quality, locally sourced
bags that are to die for.


Their Website is below for your viewing pleasure.

Also a link of  their feature article in ArtMag.

I also ran into artists, Heather Thornton who will be having a show quite soon that is sure to have her unique WOW factor. 
Check out below for details.

We were also introduced to the BEST Fish and Chip shop, this side of the pond!
If you need proof, just feast your eyes on the very Happy Englishman below.
That's my Mr. in fish heaven.

My Mr. Rachel Jones Art 

So considering the day began with an MUSC visit,
it evolved into a rather OK day.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Others won a little ribbon this weekend at
Seacoast Gallery Fall show.
Happy Dance. Now back to the easel.

oil in progress by Rachel Jones

Friday, October 7, 2016

I know I am not alone in admiring the creative power that is Edvard Munch. As far as complexity in simplicity, he and Kathe Kollwitz I find were true geniuses.
Here is my little homage in The Others - attempting to paint a little less yet say a little more. 
This will be part of the series written about in a previous blog post exploring the various aspects of relationships. We shall see how it all evolves as I'm hoping to create a total of 21 works. Baby steps...Baby steps.

oil on wood panel
by Rachel Jones
I apologize about the glare (wet).
I'm sure there will be an updated, better photo soon when I'm able to show 
it in context with it's companions. Stay tuned!

Love and Pain
by Edvard Munch

Sunday, October 2, 2016

I love leaf paintings but it was so very intimidating. Since art itself is all
about experimenting, I figured it was time I bit the bullet.  I hadn't really any excuse
for further procrastination as I had leaf, I had paint (of course) and I had recently 
received some very generous pointers from well known artist Michele Kortbawi Wilk, whom by the way I think is a leafing queen with her exotic animals and full command of the materials. http://www.michelekortbawiwilk.com/
So other than the mess, that many warned me about but I obviously ignored as days later
I found wisps of silver in the oddest places, it was an enjoyable process. I think I'm ready to tackle bigger and shinier.

selfie with oil and silver leaf
by rachel jones

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

they can be tricky beautiful frustrating frightening tragic loving tiramisu and wine adventurous nail biting might messy unpredictable essential breath bone blood tears embracing flames linen weakness and lots of other words that fit every situation and type. i'm currently exploring each and every one of these currently in a body of work in progress. here are some of the pieces that i hope will make up a massive body of work. thank you for your attention and now back to the easel.
oil by rachel jones
work in progress

oil by rachel jones
work in progress

oil by rachel jones
work in progress

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One of the places I have an opportunity to showcase work locally is in 
William H Miller studios.
Each month there is an open house for artists, collectors, models, and supporters to 
 immerse themselves in great conversations and viewings.
Below is a little of this month's display.

works by Rachel Jones

by Rachel Jones

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rework It Until It Works

At least sometimes that is the solution. (Other times projects just need to be wiped 
out no matter how much it hurts). This is one of those paintings I loved the initial concept
 but it wasn't quite working. As the seasons changed, my perspective and
disposition changed until this emerged. I'm content with it...at the moment anyway. 

On another note....
Below is a pastel piece I was working
on for a recent show. There is a lot more to it
along with another piece. The video to view both
can be found on my Instagram feed.
Link below. 

*If the link doesn't take you directly to the video, simply copy and paste in the search bar.
pastel by Rachel Jones
More to come on this experiment later.


An itty bitty portrait 
I'm still working on.
oil by Rachel Jones


After winning People's Choice for ArtSpace 506 small works show, Winter was chosen to be part of the Spoleto Event in Charleston, SC in City Gallery. She has since found a great new home.

Winter by Rachel Jones

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A little story about a recent painting.

Like many painters, I often feel revealing too much about a painting may ruin the illusion and enjoyment for others. After all, our goal is to speak to as many as possible and allow individuals to make a piece their own... permitting a conversation between the two minus the presence of the painter. But many have asked about this piece. Though it would be impossible and unnecessary to tell a complete tale, a snippet of it's evolution is warranted.

REFINE (detail) by Rachel Jones

The title of this work is "REFINE".  Sometimes in the creation process, as with packing a bag, one wants to throw in everything including the sink. You never know what you may need. Therefore, quite literally, we are constantly polishing and reducing components in our work. If I had a space large enough, I would have continued to attach elements until they spilled upon the floor, snaked around throughout and filled a room. Included within the cascade are letters, diary entries, transformed objects from times and people past upwards of 18 years ago that had been hidden away in boxes.

REFINE (detail) by Rachel Jones

In general, change is met with resistance by most humans. Whether abstract or tangible, there are things we refuse to detangle from the fabric of our being. They may have shaped us in some way or are integral parts of who we think we are and the choices we make. The sins of our forefathers, ingrained cultural ideals, self deception, ancient mistakes, a hurtful word, a well worn letter, faded photographs... What would happen if we surrendered the minutest of these?

REFINE by Rachel Jones

I don't feel it is my place to make judgment calls with the things I create. But I don't mind questioning. How does one decide what to hold on to or discard? To what effect? Would it be freeing? Allow a place for something more productive or beautiful to root? Would a part of who we are disappear? Would there be a trickle down effect? Would others be affected? Would it be missed/forgotten?

Maybe one day I'll have a room large enough to continue exploring this.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Working on a new little array of watercolors to hopefully have up and ready to offer soon.