Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Once I was home and digested most of the information, I began again in my own space.  My music, my chair... just a very familiar atmosphere. There is much to said for your own studio space even if it is just a kitchen table. I definitely felt less pressure and no need to compare myself to those around me. It was now time to see what I could do on my own and if I actually learned anything at all. I continued to paint at a much slower pace than I had seen the others. One of the keys to this is working quickly once the set up is done. But, that didn't seem to come naturally. After a few sheets made it into the fire, I decided to work at my own pace. Walk before running. It isn't as if I am in a race. So once that was taken on the chin these are the two pieces I created for the day.

by Rachel Jones
 They both still need a little work, but I could see progress and therefore did not waste a week of excellent instruction. I really want to go in with inks and define the feather in the girl's hair and add a little more drama to the top painting. I am so used to adding drips and splashes and having much darker paintings that this was just as much an exercise in holding back as it was practicing a new technique. After all, the majority of people wanting portraits want to see themselves more this way (soft and delicate) than what may appear to be in my renditions of individuals teetering on some edge.
by Rachel Jones

Friday, December 12, 2014


So when one is in a workshop for a week, and you sometimes 
overexert yourself, or think too quickly you
'got it' and take off running....some serious over working often happens.
Case in Point....

oops X 1000 by R. Jones
After several attempts to redeem her, I realized it
was time to pack up, go to my room, and enjoy
a glass of wine and a Sponge Bob marathon  
and start again in the morning.

It was so bad, that even my camera couldn't be 
bothered to take a decent photo. There was NO 
chartreuse on this paper. I suppose the NIKON just
felt a bit 'pukey' at the sight of it.
This, however is not how the workshop ended...

This project is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. This project is funded in part by a generous award from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The previous Post Shared an example of Janet Roger's amazing work.
Without giving too much away ( I could not do it justice even if I tried...Just take one of her amazing workshops.) I attempted one of my first watercolors. The idea is to do a "wash" then come back 
in for a second pass and add more details and definition. The key is getting the first wash down Correctly the first time.
I struggled with this. I found out that watercolors dry much lighter and therefore should use a heavier touch. I am NOT a heavier touch painter. But I was happy with my first attempts (though I still haven't gotten her hair in)

This project is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. This project is funded in part by a generous award from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC.

watercolor 1
by Rachel Jones

watercolor 2
by Rachel Jones
My second attempt was a little more saturated. Still far less than everyone else,
but baby steps... I was still able to squeeze a wee bit of 
a narrative in. I could not help myself.

Evenings were a great opportunity to speak with much more experienced 
artists and glean great information especially on the business side of things.
Thanks to those who were so generous with their kind words and advice.

More to follow.

Friday, December 5, 2014


So for those of you have known that I was missing in action for a bit, I was attending Springmaid Watermedia Workshop. It has a three week Spring session, and a three week Autumn session. This has occurred for over 30 years bringing in some of the best instructors and artists worldwide. 
Almost 20 years ago, I was a model for the workshops. What a completely different experience attending as a student.

Being completely new to watercolors, I chose Janet Rogers.
She was offering a class that was for beginners and experienced painters and also was not too traditional. She uses unexpected splashes of color to create energetic figures and faces. It appears spontaneous and loose. Just what I was looking for!

This project is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. This project is funded in part by a generous award from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC

I will share with you the next few days a few details along with photos of works.
I must admit, I haven't completely gotten the hang of the process, but I hope to merge the two styles into something exciting. We shall see.

I had to find a table where this was my view.
I usually paint alone and with music.
Being in a class with others (though very enjoyable
and normal) was  a little challenge for me
since I am used to painting in a bubble.
This view made it all the better.

A little morning loose leaf tea brewing...
This not only kept me 'close to home' but
also got me ready for the day's activities.
The need for rituals, eh?....

This is a work by Janet Rogers.
This was our goal.

Next I will show you what I learned and my beginning attempts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

 506 ArtSpace is a gallery in North Myrtle Beach.
Nice and cozy and worth visitng.
They recently hosted a small works exhibition. 
I entered a new piece. 

The piece I entered was one I was hoping to paint on a large
canvas at some point and time soon. I thought, how can I shrink the content into something
less than 12 x 12? I needed to do a study anyway and this seemed the 
perfect opportunity, I usually paint  raw and intuitively. Usually studies are NOT the norm. 
But when I say large, I mean I really wanted LARGE. The wisest thing to do despite my avoidance
of painting something more than once was to make a first draft.
I am glad I did. This painting placed Third, I am happy to say.
Please see the show before it ends December 22nd.
Lots of lovely pieces still for sale.
Support local art, Please. 

Each purchase, affords us more paints and surfaces
and all the many other little things we need.

Thank you.

Beholding Jubilation
by Rachel Jones Oil on wood Block
with Ribbon.

Another one that was in the finals is:
 Oil on Canvas
by Rachel Jones

I am currently updating the Available Works page. If there is a particular painting you are interested in that has not been marked sold, please email me concerning it and I will get the details to you. I apologize for any inconvenience during this time. r

Friday, November 28, 2014

Rachel Jones has been awarded a grant by the South Carolina Arts commission for the 2015 fiscal year. This support which is funded in part by the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina has allowed Rachel Jones to attend the 2014 Fall Springmaid Watermedia Workshop. 
The Springmaid Watermedia Workshop is a long standing institution in the area bringing world renowned instructors and painters from all over the world. This workshop has been educating and propelling the careers of artists for over 30 years.
Rachel Jones who has been involved in the arts of Horry County for over 20 years, has been a member of Grand Strand Arts, displaying artist at Mad Hatter and Company, and a Seacoast Artists Guild member among many other local projects. She was instructed along with 20 others by portrait painter Janet Rogers. (
Through the generosity of this grant provided by the South Carolina Arts Commission, Mrs. Jones was not only able to augment her own education, but as a local instructor, can also continue to share her studies with those in the community.
Local residents can see how the Arts Commission grant has benefited Rachel Jones by visiting her blog at Also on Facebook at In the next couple of weeks, she will be sharing insights from the workshop along with new works. Updates will also appear concerning where her works can be seen and upcoming classes.
Want to know more about SCAC?
The South Carolina Arts Commission is the state agency charged with creating a thriving arts environment that benefits all South Carolinians, regardless of their location or circumstances. Created by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1967, the Arts Commission works to increase public participation in the arts by providing services, grants and leadership initiatives in three areas: arts education, community arts development and artist’s development. Headquartered in Columbia, S.C. the Arts Commission is funded by the state of South Carolina, by the federal government through the National Endowment for the Arts and other sources. For more information, visit SouthCarolinArts. Com or call (803) 734-8696.

This project is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. This project is funded in part by a generous award from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC.

Thank you and don’t forget to visit  or
Facebook:  to keep up with Rachel Jones current and future projects.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

I almost did not enter into a local show. This should be a lesson learned in not giving up, not doubting yourself, and not painting what you think others want to see, but painting what you want to see. More to come soon.

Monday, November 24, 2014

(Beholding detail)
by Rachel Jones
Though I aim towards some sort of realism, my present objective leans more towards eliciting an emotional response. This doesn't mean I'm after a specific reaction, but raising a few questions or kicking off dialogue is the intent.
So in a time where people create a persona by sharing hand picked moments (mostly successes or spontaneous high jinks) for all the world to see, what part does an observer play? This and a series of thoughts that followed (some random, some conflicting)  were the catalyst for the painting Beholding Jubilation.

More to follow.

Beholding Jubilation
Oil on Birch
by Rachel Jones

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The final of the "blue" painting. Title awaiting...
I think I am finished with her for now.
Untitled "blue"
Oil on Canvas
by Rachel Jones

Friday, November 14, 2014

Currently at Seacoast Artist Gallery in Market Commons, Myrtle Beach, SC.
3032 Nevers Street 
(843) 232-7009
Mon.-Sat. 12 pm -8 pm/ Sun. 12 pm -6 pm

Paintings by Rachel Jones

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beginning November 1, The Cultural Council of Georgetown is presenting an "uplifting exhibition featuring several area artists and the paintings they selected as representing "Personal Triumph." This exhibit opens on Nov 1st, in conjunction with "A Taste of Georgetown" and will run through the month at 922 Front St., Georgetown."  Below is my contribution to the exhibit. It is oil on canvas - "Not Lunacy but Love". In order to read the entire story behind the painting, please visit the venue.

Not Lunacy But Love
Oil on Canvas
by RachelJones

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ophelia Frump

In The Addams Family, Morticia has a sister named Ophelia. She was a blond flower child who had troubles keeping a man. I looked forward to her "guest appearances". Being quite young at the time, it took me a moment to realize it was Carolyn Jones playing both parts. No doubt the character is loosely based on Ophelia from Hamlet. She is quite one dimensional, but oh, how I loved her. Here is my little tribute to Miss Ophelia Frump.     I apologize for a the glare/dark spots. It was still a little wet.

Ophelia BC (before courting)
oil on canvas
by Rachel Jones

So why did I decide to name this painting Ophelia BC instead of Ophelia Frump?
1. Very few people I spoke with were familiar with Ophelia Frump.(including those old enough to      have seen it the first time around)
2. Many thought the "Frump" part of the title was a comment on Ophelia as a person.
3. I grew tired of explaining stuff.
4. It came to me that Hamlet's Ophelia and The Addams Family Ophelia both had issues with their   love life. There must have been a time in their lives where they were entirely blissful before falling head  over heels in love with someone. Since I could not make AD work and there isn't a historical BL (before love) time period to correspond, I went with BC since it appears their last remaining peaceful  times were before they both went a'courtin'. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Progress shot of  "That Blue..."
There is still enough of that electric blue remaining in this stage of the painting still.

Oil on Canvas in progress
by Rachel Jones

Sunday, October 19, 2014



At the moment, I am working on a painting of a figure in profile. The background I toned using  Windsor Blue. It is so electric! It isn't a color I use prominently even though I love it. Keeping in mind my normal palette, I am curious to see how much of this color makes it in final painting.

oil on canvas
by Rachel Jones

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ophelia frump in the works
oil on canvas
by Rachel Jones

I began this painting a few weeks back when I participated in a local Fall Festival. It is photographing a lot darker than it really is. My photography skills need work. However, she is reminding me so much of Ophelia Frump (Morticia's sister from the Addams Family). Of course Ophelia had blond hair, but I suppose I am allowed some creative licence here.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I wrote previously about finding a little book to fill with
little  paintings. Chairs, flowers, figures....I haven't a clue.
But I know that I want it be a cohesive grouping that will
make a person want to flip through its pages again and again.

Below is the precious little book found in the shop. It is leather
with 50 little openings for 50 little gems. 
The pressure is on!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It is a wonderful thing to have fellow artists (especially those more talented and having worked at this game for a much longer time) appreciate, acknowledge, and continue to encourage you in what you do. How ever so very generous. Thank you. 

I am very happy to announce that
my painting, "Forever in Bloom" placed 2nd
in the Seacoast Artists Gallery Fall Show.
by Rachel Jones

Monday, October 6, 2014

This Weekend was a Very Very Busy Weekend!
Our town had a Fall Festival.
The Mad Hatter and Co. had a booth representing several of the artists in the co-op. 
Not only was there some great works, we met many others that are looking for 
a place to create. Growing a Co-op is a Great Great Thing!
A beautiful day...
by Rachel Jones
There was also the Seacoast Artists Gallery Fall Show.
The two pieces I entered are below.
Forever in Bloom
oil on canvas
by Rachel Jones

Oil on Canvas
by Rachel Jones

Thursday, October 2, 2014

 There is a really great Art Community online called The Trodden Path. Even if you aren't an artist, it is a great place to see what people are up to, take an online class, see what inspires other artists, or participate in interesting discussions. The administrator is a brilliant artist herself....Jane. Today, Jane began the discussion 'when did you first take that leap and call yourself an Artist'. Very interesting topic. Below was my response. Join in at

When I realized my life was not complete without it.
I grew up in extremely small town without much culture in the 70's. When every gift I asked for was art related as a child. When I would rather spend my hard earned allowance bribing someone to drive me 3 to 5 hours away to see and exhibit (this was before I could drive) or later (when I finally had a driver's license) I would go to work bleary eyed from having spent the night driving from an art event so as to get to work on time. When I wake up and think CREATE and when I tell every little kid I know create something even if it doesn't pay the bills. When I can spend an evening staring at paintings online or watching paintings being done on YouTube in the wee hours. When a bill is due and I wonder if I can still squeeze a tube of paint or a new brush out of the bill money and pay the remainder of the bill next time. Maybe not rational, but I think I may be an Artist at least in my own mind.
But the first time I remember someone else thinking about me in that way was when I was traveling to another country and the guy looked at my passport and asked, "What is your Profession?" And my husband with the biggest grin, kissed my cheek and said, "She's an Artist". It freaked me out a little, but one of my fondest memories.

Have a beautiful day out there.  Rachel

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 21-29, 2014

Apparently I have not posted in a while. I have been busy painting, though.
There were several larger more detailed paintings I wanted to finish. One 
of the 'truths' of painting is that everything does not always work. For weeks
I threw paint on a canvas trying to 'save' a painting when in reality it should 
have been put away. Forcing a success out of it only wasted tubes of paints, 
 time, brainpower, and proved frustrating. The painting grew just as tired of me
as I of it. It has now been hidden in a dark corner to be revisited once 
we have forgiven each other.

by Rachel Jones
(The Unforgivable and Unfinished)

In between the oil painting sessions, I was able to work on a few more watercolor type paintings to loosen up and relax. I found a little leather photo book in a local shop (The Mad Hatter and Company LLC ) that will require at least 50 little paintings. 
I'm considering little flowers and little chairs. This may change, but it is the idea at the moment and a project I am looking forward to devoting time to properly.

by Rachel Jones
by Rachel Jones

This is the Other Painting I've been working on. It was more cooperative.(Thank you, painting). It is mostly completed except for a little glazing. I will show the full painting soon.
Obviously, not a daily painting. But I have learned so very much from the daily painting challenge in September. Painting more regularly on different things sparked ideas and required changing things up a bit. This is very useful when you may work on one painting continuously as I often do. So all in all, I'm quite happy with the experiment even if I did not post everything.

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19, 2014

Today was the Duplin Wine and Art event at House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC.
I met some lovely people, heard some great music, viewed some 
amazing art and even got a chance to do a little painting along the way.
I've only done the blocking in. I still have quite a bit left to do. I will post
the final painting when finished.

HOB setup/Rachel Jones

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18, 2014

Quite a large floral painting for a friend.

Acrylic on Canvas
by Rachel Jones

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 16 and 17, 2014

I am adding the finished version of the skull painting. I added a layer of oil color. The photo doesn't really let it show, but there are still layers of the under painting in acrylic that come through and add to the aging of it. I could probably do a little more, but I think it has a certain feel in this unfinished state. As previously stated, understanding and rendering the skull accurately is a major aid
in creating a realistic portrait. I'm not there yet, but am learning and feeling more confident with it.
I have also done a few acrylic poppies on canvas.

Skull Redo
acrylic/oil/paper on wood
by Rachel Jones

September 17 Poppy
Acrylic on Canvas
by Rachel Jones

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014
I've been working on one of my skulls and books paintings. I'm considering adding flowers. This is a largish painting done on wood panel ( 2' X 3'). It is acrylic. I've made a frame already for it and had epoxy-resin on standby, but instead am considering adding a layer of oil color to soften the edges a little and add a little more richness to it. I don't think the epoxy and oil will make a good combination. I'll stare at it a bit more and hopefully make a final decision before the night is out. What I am certain of is there is much more to do and therefore I suppose this may not qualify as an official "Painting a Day" painting, Actually, I'll probably need another few days...BUT... I found time to paint today after working outside the home. Being able to add a stroke here or a glaze there seems to bookend the day quite nicely and I'm happy about that.

WIP skull/book study
by Rachel Jones

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14, 2014

What better way to break in the Moleskine.
I present... a chair.

Moleskine Chair #1
Acrylic on Paper
by Rachel Jones

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10, 2014
Having been born in a much later time period, I am fascinated by the past. Some are a little closer in time such as the 40-60's in the south where little leaning sideways tin or wood buildings down dirt tracks served as hot entertainment spots. There may have been cracks in the walls and drip pans to catch the rain, but that didn't stop people from dressing up in their finest apparel and make the journey to dance and drink their cares away and maybe even find love.Every once in a while on my drives, I come across one of these....still in use! Of course in my mind it always seems glamorous in a rustic sort of way...but I've been told from those who actually frequented, owned, played in such joints that there was a less  pleasant side to it all too.
So today I've explored both sides of a typical night. I've actually made an attempt at this twice before. It is a photo of some distant relatives and no one seems to remember their names. I've taken poetic licence with the black eye. I imagined a little hooch, a pretty girl, a little Otis Redding playing in the background may have lead to a not so little brawl with a happy ending for the couple.

In the End He Won The Girl
Oil on Canvas
by Rachel Jones

I have yet to discover an angle where I can photograph freshly painted oils without getting this glare. Any idea from our daily posting painters?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

I have decided that between new paintings, this would be a perfect opportunity 
to 'refresh' forgotten ones that have been stuffed in corners, closets, and 
beneath beds. As most painters know, sometimes you just get stuck! A painting
may begin so well with vigor and promise and then.....Well it just sort of fizzles for 
whatever reasons. Maybe the inspiration has left or a technical problem arises 
that needs resolving that seems impossible. Whatever the case, the painting 
ends up in the dark recesses of the home and mind. I hope to pull a few of these out,
 dust off the cobwebs, and do battle with its dragon.
I will continue creating new paintings or this month's challenge. 
I'm just hoping to see now that I have little bit more experience and knowledge, 
am I able to determine what went wrong and how to fix it.
 Of course, a nice layer of gesso fixes all such problems!
Today, I finished this one... (finally)
She is still a little wet, so I apologize for glare.

Forever In Bloom
Oil on Canvas
by Rachel Jones

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014
I really needed to catch up on some larger paintings. In keeping with the daily theme, I will share a glimpse of what I am working on. Only a glimpse since it is in the unavoidable 'ugly' stage. I've had the fortune of selling a few paintings lately which means the production line must pick up pace in order to fill wall spaces. I suppose it is a real "first world" problem not worth wasting breath on. I am doing what I love and so few have that privilege. Putting things in perspective means that I should just paint and not fret too much over the fact that the washing may get done a few hours later than normal and dinner may have to come out of a can.
I am in the ugly stage by will be better soon
by Rachel Jones